Project 7 1/2(Seven and a half) is an art research project which was started in 2014 by an independent curator, Sunyoung Oh.  

Project 7 1/2 seeks dysfunctional and unoccupied spaces and creates new projects.


Project 7 1/2, starting with the theme "Art and Sub-consciousness" in 2014 and followed by "Senses" in 2015 and 2016, continues to talk about different ways to explore art. The two themes are linked in their observation of the functions and roles of art and artists in our society and people’s lives, not from an aesthetic approach to art, but rather a socio-cultural one. The result of this project may be useful to contemplate about the future directions of art and artists in our society and may provide for aesthetical interpretations; however, the intended emphasis is on the value of the process and the journey itself to arrive at the results. When artists unexpectedly enter (or invade) a local community in our society, there will be interactions and consequences that may reflect our contemporary life. The reflection may offer an opportunity to explore the functions and roles of artists in our present life and shed light on what possibilities they may contribute to our society and people's lives.

We are producing artistic value (or capital value) through the usage of capital (or through the utilization of art). Moreover, we are adding more words and concepts to make that value 'more valuable.'  However, in one part of our feelings, we possess the inconvenience arising from the emptiness caused by the damages made to the core value of art by these words and concepts attached because talking about art cannot be higher than seeing and feeling art.


Sometimes we get the experience of encountering a new world through artwork. These experiences are purely artistic that can feel at a naked state where we have almost no future coordinates. These sensible states that cannot be captured through languages in unfamiliar spaces flashes like bright light when we encounter artistic values. However, these pure joys of discovery are damaged every time through statute discussions or capital market values. When we try to understand art by positioning it in our knowledge base and institution, we quickly lose the momentous feelings that approached us. Therefore, we ruminate whether we are not losing the joy of pure artistic sensibilities or try to reinvigorate or revive such senses. During the progress, we naturally derived the question, "what is an artistic experience?" It is how Project 7 1/2 begun.

This project plans to research and study the efforts of artists that made the artistic experience, their life experiences, and anthropological unconsciousness as a method to delicately understand all of this.  In 2014, Project 7 1/2 processed a total of eight lecture programs of "Anthropological exploration of art and unconsciousness." The relationship between unconsciousness and creativity is vital — the lectures held at independent spaces that had various artistic directions throughout Seoul. However, the areas all shared the characteristics of having a directional nature while not being well introduced or not fully formed its identity. Wandering around such spaces was a preliminary process of the actual project sharing the lecture subject, exchanging common interest amongst artists, and networking. The developed outputs will be presented at various spaces in various experimental fusions such as critic and research programs through lectures, performances mixed with fashion, design, fine art, experimental movies, play, and choreography.


We ask various scientific, philosophical, psychological, sociological, esthetical questions when interpreting and understanding art, and we are accustomed to connecting. However, as mentioned earlier, the Project 7 1/2 focuses on ‘senses’ that progress through artwork.  Here we pay attention to ‘the issue of standpoint’ of artistic experience that can sensibly be achieved. We tried to criticize existing standpoints and to bring about ‘standpoint move’ through bumping in newly adopted viewpoints. In other words, we pay attention to the pre-recognition stage or senses of artistic precognition state and artwork that produces various perspectives made in the arena of intuition. We also aim to investigate how these senses spread within the capitalist society or artistic institution, in what type of art it coexisted. In other words, Project 7 1/2 integrates delicate ‘senses’ that shown through work of art, find and suggest as much various standpoints through experiencing art. These standpoints will be demonstrated through the sensitized experimental artistic union that is not easily consumed through discussion and knowledge. 'Senses' is powerful senses such as the clinking sounds of metal that is unexplored, pre-linguistic unable to return to its former state.

Based on the continuous research and study during 2014 and through a combination of artists via networking, Project 7 1/2 in 2015 planned an even more developed plan. We planned to develop and realize actual art projects, such as exhibitions and performances. On the meanwhile, the creative nature of the artists that have naturally networked through the 2014 plan has individually become independent and freely diversified. Therefore, 2015-2016 the Project 7 1/2 could expect an expanded shape through relieving genre standards by the form of the combined state of mainly plan focused artists and sharing methodology. It is because we planned to verbalize the senses that they share within art.

Since the end of 2016, Project 7 1/2 has been traveling to Jatiwangi, Jakarta, and other cities. And Project 7 1/2 held traveling exhibitions in Seoul, Gimhae, and Jakarta. Project 7 1/2 is still drifting to explore and research.



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